Mattias H.

Free Money On The Table

Once upon a time, there was a boy.
This was 3rd grade, in Estabrook Elementary.
His experiences were already full of insane teachers and one evil Vice Principal
This was where the story began, in the lunch room/main hall where the children gathered.
I stole your lunch money that was sitting on the table.
I’m sorry I did it
I went to go and buy a brownie.
I wouldn’t have done this if my friends weren’t acting so rowdy.
I got into line,
And realized what I was doing was wrong.
But it was too late then.
The brownie had been bought.
But unfortunately, my friends had me betrayed,
And they told the Vice Principal of my deed
The thought he conveyed:
Stealing 50 cents was almost as bad as murder.
And for that reason,
I guess I’m sorry.
But it’s not that big of a deal,
Who leaves and puts their money out on a table anyways?


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