Rachel S.

New World

Mix up the world
Loose all inhibitions
Brazil upon the hot Tigris
New Hampshire factor
Strange wedding of North Korea and Pakistan
Oregon trades with New Jersey
De Moines the capital of Hawaii
Florida lost in the mountains of Latvia
Pairing of Nicaragua and Zambia
Sweden moves to Chile
Spanish in Zambia
Lake Erie appears in Finland
Travel to the Great Dividing Range
Atlanta, Louisiana
Spotted the Alps in Yemen
Rio Grande and Amazon merge
Beirut parties nonstop
Mexicans speaking German
Denmark and Tennessee meet
Shallow Nile through Appalachians
Lake Huron connects Canada and Singapore
Finland sits atop the Alps
Argentineans live in Ukraine
Swim across the Gulf of Mexico to Zambia
China connects Brazil to Belgium
Indian Ocean divides France
Earth gets a pep talk
How do you respond to these changes?


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