Jenny B.

Hidden Meanings

If you are eating a marshmallow,
Your life will be peaceful, comfortable, and squishy.
If you are being eaten by a giant marshmallow,
You will have a terrible toothache, find out it is from a cavity, and get a root canal.

If you are jumping on a trampoline,
You will get your dream job, fly high in your career, and make millions of dollars.
If you are a trampoline,
You will be fired from your job, trip on the way to your car, and be in a cast for a month.

If you are reading a book,
You are incredibly intelligent, are aware of this fact, and you inform everyone of this the
        moment they meet you.
If you are being attacked by a book,
You fail at everything you attempt in life, are oblivious of everything around you, and are
        generally an idiot.


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