Olivia Howry

Hurricane Charley

An August vacation unlike any other
I went with my sister, my father and mother
We got on a plane goin’ to Orlando
The weather said there might be a tornado
As we got closer, dark clouds gathered ‘round
We were the last airplane to safely touch down
August 13, 2004
Hurricane Charley hit the shore
Off the Florida Gulf heading east
A little rental car we leased
We headed south into the rain
But we must have been insane!
Hungry and scared we stopped for a rest
But everyone else had already left
We had the buffet all to ourselves
Chinese food covered counters, tables and shelves
When we were full and couldn’t eat more
We ran back to the car while the wind roared
We got to our cousin’s and made it inside
But Hurricane Charley forced us to hide
We greeted our cousins as the power went out
The wind and the rain blew everything about
We kids in the closet with popcorn and games
We couldn’t hear rain pounding on the window panes
The adults lit candles and hid in the loo
While Hurricane Charley came pounding through
Everything in sight
Blew to the right
Then it was silent
And eerily quiet
We crept from our hiding places
To see the sun shine on our faces
It wasn’t long till Charley was back
The trees bent left as the sky went black
Groaning and cracking a tree hit the ground
Street signs, tree limbs and shingles flew round
We stood at the window, exhilarated, in awe
We forgot to be frightened by the destruction we saw
Then Charley was gone as fast as he came
Outside in the yard, nothing seemed the same.
A tree hit the house and one fell in the pool
Swimming through branches sure was cool
The house was a mess without water or power
We used the roof runoff to take a shower.
The clean up started the very next day
It was a lot of hard work hauling dead trees away
With Disney World closed and nothing to do
We headed east before another storm could brew.
Hurricane Charley left a devastating wake
Now we go to Florida during February break
If you plan to visit Florida during hurricane season
You’d better have a very good reason!!
The sensation of being in a hurricane’s eye
Is a memory I’ll have with me till I die.


Copyright 2002-2008 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2008 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.