Katharine Robinson

The Push-Over And The Loud-Mouth

Every now and then certain people come into our lives and change our entire perspective on anything and everything. Lucky for me, that certain person came into my life at a time when I needed it most. Her name was Kate Robinson. No I’m not being narcissistic, we have the same name. First and last. I guess that's how we became friends in the first place. I suppose we needed to scope one another out for possible threats. Instead of forming a rivalry, however, we formed a friendship that would be sure to last a lifetime. I feel uncomfortable even calling it a friendship, it is so much more than that. She is my soul-mate, my other half. We live vicariously through each other, it's just the way it has to be.

I remember the first time we ever spoke to one another. I was new, had absolutely no friends what-so-ever, and I was a little tool, considering I was only thirteen. I was in desperate need of someone to be around so I didn’t just fling myself off the roof as a result of boredom. So I asked her to hang out, she said she was busy, I felt dismissed. Not a moment later she comes jogging back up to me, offering an apologetic smile. I waited for an explanation.

 “Listen, I hate it when I ask people to hang out and they just give me the whole ‘busy’ thing. It sucks. I am busy, but I won’t be tomorrow. Want to hang out?”

It was one of the sweetest gestures that anyone has ever done for me and it blew my mind. The only other person in the world whom I had ever known to be so genuinely nice was my mother.

That was the beginning of an epic era that I will never, ever forget, and that will never, ever end.

She has had more influence on me than I ever thought possible. Which is why when she moved to Arizona two summers ago, my heart broke into about a million little pieces. It was a dark time for me, and I could never, and will never be able to replace her. I call her everyday and vice versa. The connection we have is unbreakable and inexplainable. Which is why I must stop writing now, because there is no way any words would ever live up to the real thing. She is my rock, my other half, my soul-mate. She is me. I am her. We’re cosmic.


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