Adrienne Zahka

Ocean City

Driving a fire-engine red surrey, traveling down the Ocean City boardwalk,
The smell of a salt filled ocean and a fresh slice of Mac & Mancoís pie tickles my nose.
The sounds of waves crashing, arcade games, and amusement park rides get me excited to plan the rest of my day.
The path ahead of me is a blur of bright colored signs and flashing lights.
Passing Gillianís Island and the big gorilla means half way there.
Pedaling faster, I want to get to the smoothie bar.
The best is strawberry-banana I only get to savor it once a year.
After re-fueling, itís a race to the end of the boardwalk and down 54th street
As the wind blows in my face and through my hair, I make it to the finish line
Heading back, the sun is getting stronger as I take the last sip of my smoothie.
Before I know it, the sky falls dark with the glistening stars above the calm ocean.


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