Katarina Lutz


"If these walls came crumbling down,
Fell so hard to make use lose our faith,
From what's left you'd figure it out,
Still make lemondade taste like a sunny day"
(Dave Matthews Band)

Sarah woke up from he rnormal sleep and looked out of the window in her worn down shack made of mud, clay and straw. She saw miles and miles of dried up land. She saw disparity. Sarah is only 16 years old and lives in Sudan. A normal day for her begins with waking up alone and getting ready for a long day of trying to find water and food just to survive that day. Sarah throws on her only dress and hat to protect her from the harsh sun. She has no shoes so she has to go out object, the worst being a knife dropped during another day of fighting. This caused her to be immobile for quite a while and she became starved and dehydrated becasue she had no means of getting  nourishment. Sarah once had a mom, a dad and 2 older brothers. Her dad and brothers were forced to fight with the Janjaweed tribe in the Darfur Genocide. both were killed when she was 13. Her mother, who was all she had, died of dehydration when she turned 15. Living by herself, Sarah became quite lonely and questioned her faith. She wondered if there was a Gd out there and why he wasn't stopping the genocide. Why wasn't he supplying water and food, and most importantly why was he taking away everything Sarah ever loved?


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