Alyssa Zahka

When You Lie

Where can I start to explain, when your story never stays the same?
I'm caught in a landslide, in between the real you and all these lies.
I'm falling in the middle of all the mistakes and all the blame,
But I know every little thing I do never measures up to size.

I search the broken night for the missing star in the sky.
I keep trying to find a reason for this feeling deep down to stay.
What's the use when everything you've said is hidden behind a lie?
Just when I thought I've gotten over your words, they come to bury me away.

Sometimes I wonder what you're doing out there on your own,
And wonder if the thought of me has ever crossed your mind.
With every reaching moment everything left in me starts to feel so alone,
Though I bet I'm the only thing you've been dying to leave behind.

All the words that I've tried to say keep getting stuck in my throat.
The moments that were near perfection have all passed by me.
The only thing you have brought me is the teardrops on this note.
They have sunken into these words, drowning into everything I'll ever be.

Does it make you happy when I can't sleep or breath like I used to?
When all the words I used to be able to say never come out anymore?
The minutes have turned into hours and I'm still here waiting for you.
i've been climbing for years and now it's time to crash toward the floor.

The moonlight shines the way out of this town, away from your excuse.
I wonder if I'll make it far enough for you to come out and admit you miss me.
For now I'll keep walking in these tired shoes.
Maybe they'll lead me to the place where I actually want to be.

Did you know you've already got me tangled in your heart?
When you left me, your lies stayed here above me, towering over my head.
I'm holding onto these broken feelings that once fell apart.
Standing here alone, reciting the words I wish you would have said.

It seems like it's never too easy to turn back from you now.
I'm just as far into the mess as I am close to actually getting by.
I'm searching through my words, but I can't find a good enough reason to explain how
Almost everything inside of me wants to believe you when you lie.


Copyright 2002-2008 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2008 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.