Vincent van Mierlo

Visits To Alternative Worlds

What happens to dreamers that die when they sleep?
They die in the real world some people say
Deaths in dreams have happened before
Yet the dreamers wake up to tell the tale

Are dreams some sort of prophecy?
Dreams are too anomalous to hold much insight
Although sometimes provide a scene from a memory

Where do we go when we sleep?
An alternative world, another dimension
Like that of our subconscious just before sleep overcame

Why do children remember more dreams?
Are they more open to other worlds?
Or does their lack of experience result in a need for recollections
Even if their real and remembered worlds are not the same?

Events in dreams
Belong to different worlds
Dreams are visits to parallel dimensions
An experience not of this world
Providing a glimpse of another life, in another time

Do people in other dimensions dream of this world?
Every world is a dream world…
Just not to the people who live in it


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