Kyle Davies

Race Day

We line up at the start, everyone nervous,
But we all try to hide it, nothing shows on the surface.
We get in position, all ready to run,
Then the gun is shot, the race has begun.
Everyone’s hustling, we’re off to the races,
They’re tired all ready, it shows on their faces.
Fighting for position before the first turn,
It’s starting to hurt, I can feel the burn.
After turn one, we’re no longer packed,
We’re now all spread out, with places intact.
First mile marker, people screaming my time,
Here comes the hill, I begin my epic climb,
This part is the hardest, it is the incline I dread,
But the top is approaching, a clearing ahead.
I hear someone coming, their legs moving faster,
For me to lose my spot would be an awful disaster.
I can’t let them pass me, I must keep my place,
I need to break away by extending my pace,
The footsteps are softer, he’s farther away,
I’ve kept my spot to his utter dismay!
We’re coming to mile two, my panting is loud,
I come up on the leader, cheering is the crowd.
It’s just him and I for the ultimate mile,
I realize I’m close, I flash a quick smile.
We approach the home stretch, I prepare for my final burst,
My final attempt, to finish in first,
It's just the two of us, side by side,
Everything hurts, much pain to hide,
The fans are deafening, the line is so near,
I can’t lose this race, it’s my ultimate fear,
We’re both at our limit, the feeling it hurts,
But as for the finish line, I cross it first,
I raise my hands, the chants have begun,
For at this moment, I am number one.


Copyright 2002-2008 Student Publishing Program (SPP). Poetry and prose 2002-2008 by individual authors. Reprinted with permission. SPP developed and designed by Strong Bat Productions.