Yea Chan Kim

Traveling Experiences

The vibration from the wind hitting the wings of the plane woke me up. I sat up straight and looked out the clear, round window to my right. All I could see through the foggy glass were layers and layers of mountains in various sizes. A woman who sat next to me said, "That big mountain there is called Mount Rainier." She was wearing a blue uniform with a hat that read U.S. Airlines.

As I looked down at the window I replied, "Yeah, that is a pretty big mountain."

"So, where did you come from," she asked.

"I came from Boston, Massachusetts," I answered.

She said, "Really, my sister went to Boston College. It's a very nice school."

I replied, "Yeah, it is a very nice school." Soon she left me with a cold drink and I sat back comfortably in the leather seat. It felt awkward to be sitting with only the crew from the plane because I was the only one who was taking a first class ride. Because I was traveling alone, my parents decided to put me in the first class section. The seats were tilted at an angle towards the movie screen. It was playing Fun With Dick & Jane.

As the sky became dark, the captain of the plane announced, "We will be arriving very shortly. Please fasten your seat belts." The plane then started to shudder. I looked outside the window once more and saw a wide road with bright red halogen lights blinking on both sides.


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