Rayya Karaa


When I look up at the ocean of darkness and find no star,
When I am the subject of these dark creatures that I do not recognize,
When I blow the candle flame and find myself in the dark
When I feel my skin freezing at the breeze
When I blink my eyes for a moment,
When I persist to examine the room while there is no light for five minutes,
When I can not raise my eyelids,
When I can not feel a match between my fingers at night,
When I replace a lamp and the room becomes obscure,
When I sneak into my tent to go to sleep,
When I watch the small twigs of fire fade and disappear
I think…
Is there anyone who has ever felt the heat of the reassuring lights?
And I find a “yes” on my blank paper…

When I focus on a screaming bird and wait for its melody to reach my ears,
When I try hard to hear the words of a man behind a window of glass,
When I shiver with worry and my ears are clogged under the water,
When they talk to me but I can not understand,
When the sound of my pain prevails over the comforting speech of the doctor,
When the lips move and that I hear the answer eternally
I wonder…
Is there anyone who has ever found himself floating in the sounds that surround him?
And I find the “yes” on my blank paper

But when I can not bring my body back on earth,
When my spirit flies high in the sky,
When my brain turns weak and that I can not control myself,
When my legs go for a walk by themselves,
When I drown in a red pond and enjoy it,
When I can not explain the symptoms that I express,
When I find myself captive of myself,
When my heartbeat amplifies,
When I can not find the words I need to write,
When the heat invades me,
When my eyes are devoured by my red cheeks and I get blinded,
When my ears get red and I become deaf,
When the smile never runs off my lips,
I wonder…
Is there anyone who has ever experienced this syndrome?
I look at my paper, but my eyes have faded of love, and I can’t read what I wrote…


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