John Berryman

I Am From...

I am from the smell of low tide, long walks at Todd's Point, hot sand burning my feet, and seagulls stealing my French fries.

I am from watching the sun disappear under the waves, listening to the steady sounds of waves crashing down, and the cool night breeze blowing in my face.

I am from summers at the pond, cartwheels in the front yard with my sisters, and pasta salad.

I am from holding on for dear life as i fly behind the boat on a tube, water skiing 'til my back gives out, and diving off the boat to a seemingly bottomless lake.

I am from boating in the morning, golf in the hot summer day, and night-time plays at the Barn Theater.

I am from long car rides to Michigan filled with singing, junk food for two days, and the license-plate game.

I am from dirt under my fingernails from digging, countless hours in the woods, and building forts.

I am from waking up early Saturday morning to play soccer with my dad on the lower fields.

I am from juggling a soccer ball, working on my skills with my dad, and shooting goals 'til my legs could take no more.

I am from bringing a soccer ball with me everywhere I go, beads of sweat streaking down the surface of my body, and water tasting like heaven.

I am from weekend afternoons at the school, shooting basketball hoops in an empty gym while my mother gets her classroom ready, and running through the halls knowing that no teacher could tell me to stop.

I am from family birthday celebrations beginning with morning breakfast in bed, king for the day, and Carvel ice cream cakes.

I am from a loving family of John, Terry, Jane, and Meghan.


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