Stefano Parravano

I Am From

I am from a family that loves me
I am from a mother who will never leave me alone.
I am from a father who will always show his concern.
I am from a little brother who thinks I am perfect.
I am from a bigger sister who is always ready to help me.

I am from a house that preserves all my best memories.
I am from a town where everybody knows each other.
I am from moving from one country to another for a better future.
I am from a school where everybody knows me and is my friend.
I am from having many friends but giving them up so I could have a better chance.

I am from loving soccer but giving it up so I could play the piano.
I am from not having enough time to play so I could study.
I am from always being sad and not knowing what perturbs me.
I am from always being there for others but not for myself.
I am from years of being accepted and now ignored.
I am from beautiful memories of my once perfect life that I will and can never forget.
I am from envying a life that I once had.


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