Andrew Zack

The Unlikely Couple

He was always late to arrive
And she would be the first one there
He would party every night
Come home at two or even later
She had never dreamed of such a life
And much preferred to read or study.

He had never read a book
But she could always be seen with one
He would never even consider homework
While she did extra just for practice or fun.

His headphones always blasting
The loudest rock, rap, or hip-hop
She loved to play the piano
Classics like Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach.

By chance these two met one day
They bumped into each other walking down the hall
Both talking to their friends
Neither paid attention to where they were walking.

As strange as it would seem
When they caught each otherís eye
No one could think of a word to say
But neither one could look away.

In what seemed like a daze
He asked her out to dinner
And in that same puzzled state
She quickly answered yes.

This was the beginning of a relationship
That no one could have predicted
But once these two first talked together
They were never seen apart.

These two contrasting individuals were sure to succeed
For such an unlikely couple was rarely ever seen.


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