Lee G.

A Concert

Purchase ticket
Find ride
Buy t-shirt
Plead to mom to go for several weeks… be relentless
Wait for weeks in anticipation, waiting, while you brag to your friends
Hop in the car the day of the concert
Squirm around while you’re barraged with questions from your mom
Give your ticket to the ticket person, staring at your feet
Get patted down by security (kind of awkward)
Enter the pit with the lights all around you
Wait with goosebumps for your favorite band to step on the stage
Listen to the mic check (volume at 11)
Anticipation builds in the crowd
As the first strums on the guitar let loose, watch as the pit explodes
Jump up and down in sync with the thousands of people around you
Sing along with your favorite songs as they get blasted
Mosh with the crowd
Finally as the sweat pours down your face, become one with the nameless around you,
Share in the unique experience that brings 50000 people
From different towns and backgrounds


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