Amrit Kanesa-Thasan

Ode To Cucumbers

O, Cucumber, how I love thee.
Just one of you is not enough; I need three.

Your mahogany patches and big brown splotches –
don't compare to your rough exterior and green bumpy blotches.

Your imperfections complete me and make my problems disappear.
Just one straight bite of you and suddenly my life becomes clear.

Your vitamins sustain me throughout my day,
And though people laugh when they see you I don't care what they say.

They want you for jokes; they want you for laughter,
But to use you for pranks is not the purpose I'm after.

I need a nutritional food, one that I can trust,
And it's not my fault that you fill me with lust.

But for now I will hold my head high and stand up straight –
For the day I can proudly eat you in public is the day I celebrate.


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