Saif Hakim


I am a magnet.

So       often       I       meet       an       affable       girl.
To   me,   I   think   she   means   the   whole   world.
She smiles, she laughs, attracting my half that’s better.
And    like opposite   poles    we   come   together.
The time we spend close, I do cherish greatly.
But   then,   I   flip   over   inevitably.

I am a magnet.

But wait! For days, she utters not a single word.
Why is she unspoken? Why is my lament unheard?
What   once   was   attraction   turns   into   repulsion:
A   compelling   force   that   pushes   with   convulsion.
Oh     how     it     hurts     to     remain     so     far     away.
Why      must      hate      come      forth      from      this      pain?

I am a magnet.

Burn     me.     I     beg     you.     Set     me     ablaze.
Strike   your   hammer   down   upon   my   face.
Of       magnetism       I       have       had       enough.
Let   me   choose   whom   I   hate,   whom   I  love.


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