Emily G.


Thick Dublin brogh,
Beggar to stay a live,
Old country, New World,
Two sister’s one dream,
Marriage of a West Roxbury Irish boy,
Eight beautiful West Concord Children,
Lived life by three words; Loyalty, Friendship, Love
Thin as a twig topped with curls,
Eldest granddaughter spitting image at sixteen,
Pale Irish skin, never a women for tanning,
Soft soothing voice.
Filled old kitchen on Central St.
Smells of hairspray and daily cooking,
Q-tipped ladies waiting for a perm,
Hairspray filled the air as one was done,
Her way of making a living.
Catholic mass every morning,
Meals for retired priest every Saturday,
Women of the bible,
Heart of gold,
God’s angel.
Thin as a pin,
Strength of a bull,
Now pale, no curls, barely hanging on,
Chemo no longer working,
Husband, eight children, ten grandchildren,
Now left with only her sweet memories.


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